Welcome to MB Certifications

MB Certifications offers private certification services for projects of all shapes and sizes. With over 15 years’ of experience in the construction and certification industry, MB Certifications offers service which focuses on the client’s needs and overall satisfaction.

MB Certifications provides a number of services, including:

  • Assessment of your projects plans for complying development
  • Issuing Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates for building works
  • Undertaking mandatory critical stage inspection
  • Appointment as a principal certifier
  • Issuing Occupation Certificates

Private Certifiers provide a service that most people find quicker, easier and more flexible than you may experience when using your local Council for your certification needs.

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MB Certifications prides itself on consistently maintaining a high standard when it comes to providing quality certification services. We service a variety of different kinds of clients, including construction companies, homeowners, architects, and construction professionals. We understand the importance of customer service, so our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing a professional service, as well as prioritising client satisfaction.