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Our Profile

Mathew Bodley, the Director of MB Certifications, has over 15 years of industry-specific experience in the public and private sector, and is accredited with the NSW Building Professionals Board (BPB).

The MB Certifications team has extensive knowledge and experience in the certification process, including the Council process as well as private. They are customer-focused and committed to providing expert advice and a reliable, competitive service. Our team ranges from accredited certifiers, inspectors, and highly trained approvals staff.

MB Certifications offers a range of services in private certifications, including:

Our inspectors are also qualified and accredited to undertake pool fence inspections.

Our Systems

At MB Certifications, we use the most efficient and user-friendly software to create and manage our projects. Our software is provided by Building Certification Systems (BCS), which uses a cloud-based online software which helps our staff to create and manage all inspections and projects. It is also highly integrative with major software programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe, and Dropbox, allowing for easy compatibility and use.

Our Clients

MB Certifications service a wide range of clients, including:

We strive to extend our service to a litany of different clients and provide client-specific information and guidance.

Our Memberships